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How many weeks pregnant are you?


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A pregnancy usually lasts for 40 weeks. However, we can be pregnant more weeks sometimes if we go over time. Or be pregnant for fewer weeks when the baby arrives before a full-term pregnancy. But normally a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

How many weeks are you pregnant in the first, second and third trimester?

As written, a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, or nine months. However, a pregnancy has three trimesters and they are divided into different periods of a pregnancy.

  • Trimester one is the first stage of a pregnancy and lasts from week 0 to 13. In the first trimester, pregnant women are often very tired.
  • Trimester two is the middle trimester of pregnancy and this is when we often feel better. It runs from week 14 to week 27.
  • Trimester three is the last trimester and lasts from week 28 to 40. In the last trimester, fatigue often returns.